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Lucky Loteria Purses Fortune Cookie: Lucky Loteria Bags

Embellished with a deck of Mexican Bingo cards and a random assortment of cutey-pie linings, these winning baguettes are a hit in Vegas. With cards on the racy side, if you want to insure you don't get a topless mermaid or the
infamous drunken "El Boracho" card stitched center of your purse, choose our special "G-rated" option.

Red Sirena Zippy
pinkchg_snowcones Purse
Yellow Loteria Mini Wallet
Black Dot Rosa Change Purse
Baby Blue Deer Purse
Baby Blue Loteria Mini Wallet
Bright Green Borracho Zippy
Orange Loteria Mini Wallet
Metalic Blue Bird Purse
Metalic Blue Pajaro Zippy
Silver Loteria Mini Wallet
Pink Soldier Purse
White Snowcone Zippy
Olive Loteria Mini Wallet
Orange Lowrider Zippy
Black Mermaid Purse

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