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Hot Out of the Oven

I received my package. It was like Christmas
all over again. Each box was a new surprise
and I loved it! I really like the pieces and
am excited to see what kind of response
they receive in the store. I personally, love
my special yellow flower. It will look
awesome with my shoes and dress!
Alicia Branstetter
Owner, ALTAR Bridal

This little poodle stole the show! She is wearing a Sweettooth hairclip!
Anne Marie Beard
Producer, Shop Crafty

Thank you for the wonderful package of flowers and birds. I just opened it this afternoon because I had a recording session and wanted Anna to see how cute the box was decorated. The flowers are absolutely perfect. That black flower is really special.... Anna tried it on with the outfit for her audition, and it was a perfect compliment!! Everything was just lovely.... You play such great attention to detail. Thank you again for everything and especially getting the order out so quickly. I will be back....
Darcy Cotten
Nashville, TN.

Amy, I absolutely love the hair barrette!
Jessica Gass
Austin, Texas

Some Buttery Praise: Thank you so much for pulling things together for me! The store looks GREAT! I know you are extremely busy... and cannot thank - you enough
for your work and support!
It feels so good to sell cool stuff... and work of artists!
Libby Macalister
Owner, FX18

It looks like the grinch couldn't steal christmas! The clips arrived this morning and were even better than i expected. Thanks again and have a great christmas and a creative new years
Josef Minta
United Kingdom

Not sure if you remember me - I bought two bags from you for my wife Caroline for Christmas and we met at Clementines for the secret exchange instead of having them shipped to my home. She loves them.
Adam Wilson
Happy Holiday Shopper

Your site is just adorable!
I'm a fashion/lifestyle publicist. I came across your site
and just had to tell you how cute I think it is.
I know so many editors who would
just fall in love with your products.
Carly Dunnam Uson
Public Relations, Los Angeles CA.

A couple of years ago we stumbled into Pink Salon on South Congress in search of, well, we're not really sure what we were looking for, but what we found was a tiny birdie barrette that would spend the better part of the next year secured firmly to our unruly, cowlicked bangs. Little did we know that the little bird on our head represented a burgeoning business of fashion-forward accessories called Sweettooth Bags, headed up by the endless font of creativity that is Amy Barber. Enterprising and adorable, Barber has created a fancy-pants empire out of her kitchen
Stephanie Beasley
Journalist, The Austinist

The flower worked perfectly with my dress and hair.
Winter Calaway
Bridal Commission

This is perfect!!...Oh I so love what you did!
Mary March
Bridal Commission

I have referred you to EVERYONE I know! From the people at Barton Creek to my hairstylist and make-up artist... they all fell in love with your work. Mary is a great friend of mine and her hair feather was so beautiful at the wedding! She was stunning!
Gina Henry
Bridal Commission

Just got back from this super eclectic, one stop shopping experience. I can't say enough about Amy Barber of Sweet Tooth bags- she had the cutest setup and most colorful & inspiring studio... it's like an estrogen packed, 70's cross between psychedelic and pop art. Of course I love it, I die for color. My girlfriends and I pretty much bought out the place, as actions definitely speak louder than words so- I'm dying to show off my Sweet Tooth bag & birdie bobby pins around town.
Jennifer Sennott
Blogger, The Sidewalk is a Runway

I hope this note finds you well! I was trying to think of the PERFECT gift for a friend's 50th... she's super-hip... and I thought of you! I enjoyed my wedding hair flower all summer long, and I received SO MANY compliments on it! I think she would love it!
Gina Jerram
Austin, TX.

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